About us

The Israeli Association for Behavior Analysis was established in 2003 and celebrated its first annual conference in January 2004. The conference was hosted by Zinman College at the Wingate institute, where behavior analysis has been taught since 1989. Posters, short workshops, and presentations representing all sorts of ABA research and practice were attractive for over 300 enthusiastic attendees.
ABA has emerged gradually in Israel over the past 20 years, with pioneering activities in both academic and field practice. The few Israeli ABA specialists worked in highly psycho -dynamic environments, and have been looked upon as radicals, old fashioned, and even as conducting wrong practice. The very few PhD ABA teachers gained more influence as generations of students went into field practice, mainly in educational setting. Most of the graduates, from Universities and colleges, went into regular and special education schools, and are proving the efficacy, relevance, and adequacy of ABA for individuals and society. Some went on for higher education (both in Israel and the USA) and we hop they will be our next generation of ABA teachers.
Since 1994, the successful implementation of ABA programs for autistic children in Israel has also provided an opportunity to spread the general ABA science. The first Israeli students studying in the BACB- approved university program are now graduating from the Tel Aviv University School of Education as leading therapists and supervisors of intensive interventions for autistic children.
The 20 and more IABA members are cooperating to advance ABA in Israel in every field of practice.

The IABA goals are:
* Promoting ABA as the leading science of human behavior, known and approved by the Israeli government and public, in different areas.
* Have more members and friends join IABA.
* Establishing more approved ABA university programs.
* Establishing an Hebrew ABA journal, and have the scientific language translated into Hebrew, to make the spread of the science easier for
the Hebrew speaking population.
* Making the IABA conference a tradition, bringing together scientists, practitioners, and clients of ABA and also have leading ABA
scientists from abroad come to share knowledge and promote ABA in Israel. We do  have friends, some who have visited already and many willing to come, and we welcome their contributions.
* Promoting both experimental and applied behavior analysis research in Israel.
* Encouraging IABA members to be ABA International members, and take part in international ABA activities and conferences.

IABA was approved as an ABA affiliated chapter in 2003, and we look forward for the cooperation with other chapters and the general ABA community.

* Translate by Michael Ben Zvi, BCBA